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SMEs are a fundamental building block to our Country’s economy which is why lack of funding and support is always hard to understand.

Our firm deals only with micro, small and medium sized companies who are seeking professional help and advice due to unforeseen circumstances with their Business.

If you would like to discuss any aspect that your business may be struggling with, simply call us on 01455 555650 or visit our Contact Us page to get through to the team that can deal with your issues. All initial consultations are free!

Do you owe creditors money?

Are you paying the creditor which hassles you the most and ignoring others?

Can you only afford to pay your main supplier, and leaving other creditors waiting?

You are not alone in this. Many businesses when they have cash flow issues will prioritise making payments to certain creditors.

There are ways to get out of this spiral and FA Simms has 40 years’ experience in dealing with these issues. We are your experts on the end of a phone or email. As a trusted and regulated practitioner you can rely on us for independent, practical and honest advice.

We have helped 1000’s of limited companies deal with their unaffordable liabilities, in a fast, competent and cost effective manner.

So, don’t worry about your creditors anymore, simply call us on 01455 555650 or visit our Contact Us page to get through to the team that can deal with your liabilities. All initial consultations are free!

Overview of how FA Simms can potentially help

  • Your business is more than the Limited Company shell. If you cannot pay your creditors, you can use a legal mechanism to close your company.
  • In certain circumstances you can buy the assets of the business and start again.
  • You must not trade an insolvent company if you know that there is no chance of recovery. We can help you comply with your legal obligations.
  • Directors can get help from regulated experts to help with making the best plan.

Our Experienced Licensed Practitioners Offer A FREE Options Review. Get Help Today!

Understanding Insolvency

A Company is deemed Insolvent if either or both of the following statements are true;
  • The Company’s liabilities are greater than its assets on the Balance Sheet
  • The Company is no longer able to pay its debts as and when they fall due

In any situation where a Company may be struggling financially it is often the case that, as a Director, you continue to trade in the hope that things may pick up and turn around. During this time the situation may worsen and you can no longer see a way out. At F A Simms & Partners we will review your Company’s situation and ensure that you understand all of the options that are available to you.

We would welcome the chance to be able to help you! Contact us today for free confidential advice.

Our Services For Closing an Insolvent Company:

Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation
Compulsory Liquidation

Business Rescue Services:

Business Rescue
Company Administration
Company Voluntary Arrangement
Informal Arrangements with creditors including HMRC
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