About Us

We are a firm of Licensed Insolvency Practitioners and Business Rescue Professionals.

Established in 1978 we have helped thousands of micro, small & medium sized businesses over the years.

Our Insolvency Practitioners are licensed to act by the Insolvency Practitioners Association (IPA). We currently have 2 Licensed Insolvency Practitioners who are supported by a qualified work force. Many of our case managers are at least CPI qualified and we look to make sure they receive relevant technical and best practice updates to make sure their knowledge is up-to-date.

We will not charge you for an initial phone call and we will not charge you for a face to face meeting to discuss your circumstances. We will explore all of the options available to you and will advise and assist you in dealing with the issues that your business is facing.

We have offices Nationwide so please select your closest office as a meeting venue, or if you would prefer, we could meet you at a more convenient location to you which would also be free of charge.

Meet our talented team

Insolvency Practitioners

Insolvency Practitioners

Richard Simms

Richard Simms is Managing Director of F A Simms & Partners. He joined the family business in 1999 and became a qualified Insolvency Practitioner in the same year. Richard is also an FCA Qualified Accountant and has a Diploma in Anti Money Laundering.

Thomas Harris

Thomas Harris began working for F A Simms & Partners in 2008 for 3 years, he then had a period of 2 years working for another Insolvency Practitioner before returning to F A Simms in 2014. Thomas is AAT and CPI qualified and has recently passed his Corporate exams to become a qualified Insolvency Practitioner.

Case Managers

Case Managers

Maria Navratilova

Maria Navratilova began working at F A Simms & Partners in 2008. She qualified for AAT and CPI in 2014.

Georgia Flower

Georgia Flower began working at F A Simms & Partners in 2017 and is part AAT qualified.

Viera Navratilova

Viera Navratilova began working at F A Simms & Partners in 2003. She qualified for AAT in 2006 and CPI in 2007.

Michelle Collier

Michelle Collier began working for F A Simms & Partners in 2015 and is currently studying for her AAT exams.