Expert guidance on closing a limited company

Solvent or insolvent, there are many reasons to close a company. We’ll work to understand your objectives and find the right solution for your business.

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Expert guidance on closing your company

Insolvent company closure

close a limited company insolvent

Your business doesn’t necessarily have to end when your limited company closes. We can move the parts of your business that work to a different company so you can continue to trade and leave the debt behind.

If it’s possible to save part of your business in this way, then we’ll do everything we can to make it happen. 

Sometimes a fast and straight-forward resolution might be the answer to ‘winding up’ your limited company. We’re licensed insolvency practitioners so we can guide you through a formal limited company closure, such as administration or liquidation

We can also help you with a company ‘strike off’ where it’s appropriate.

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Solvent company closure

There are a number of situations when to close your solvent limited company is the best option. You might be moving from contracting to full-time employment. Your company may have been set-up for a project that’s now finished. Or you may be splitting a business into parts.

Whatever the reason for needing our help to close your limited company, we’re ready to move quickly with a Members’ Voluntary Liquidation.

Once we understand your goals, the route through the challenges will become clear and the right options can be put in place. 

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close a limited company

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