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We can help your business recover

Every business – and every business owner – faces different challenges as they evolve. We work with business owners to look at all the options for their business’ future which means we are often able to help a business in a way no-one thought possible.

If there’s a solution to save a business we’ll find it and use it. Even if it takes longer.

Closing your company does not have to mean the end of your business. The key parts of your business could move to a different company and continue to trade without unaffordable debt.

We have the right solution for your business

You’re the experts in your business and we will never pretend to know your business better then you do. However we do have experience of working with 1,000’s of businesses and this gives us a unique insight in to how different challenges are managed in different sectors and which approach will suit your business’ individuals needs.

People are the key to every business – we not only need to understand your business but the people behind it as well.

We will explore all the options, clearly explain them to you and answer any questions that come from those discussions.

Our advisers are experts not salespeople . Together we have rescued thousands of businesses over 40 years in the industry.

Call our experienced team today 01455 555444. Alternatively…….

Formal and informal options

When we work through all the possible options with you to identify those most suited to your business’ goals, you will make the final decision.

Informal negotiation is the first stage – with HMRC, creditors. customers, financiers and employees. Initially to establish contact and create breathing space to allow a structured plan to be put together for either a short or longer term solution.

An informal approach to those third parties whose support will be needed the most is first. Communication will open an opportunity to request crucial breathing space for a plan to be constructed. The additional credibility that F.A. Simms can bring to such negotiations will be invaluable in establishing what’s achievable.

Where barriers to informal negotiations have prevented success then a Company Voluntary Arrangement (‘CVA’) should be considered. The opportunity to pay creditors back over an extended time frame and to only pay what your business can afford are key advantages of a CVA.

If required, a more substantial restructuring can take place through a Company Administration process. This can allow the strongest parts of the business to be split away from the rest and moved in to a new company. Debt that the business cannot afford remains with the original company and is not transferred to the new company.

The sale of a business through a Company Administration is often call a Pre-Pack or Pre-Packaged Sale.

The choice to continue to run a business during Company Administration is also an option.

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