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Positive alternatives to business closure

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The survival of your business is our primary goal

Whether you business is in the shell of a company or not it is likely that you are aware what changes are needed for it to flourish in the future.

Closing your company does not have to mean the end of your business. The key parts of your business could move to a different company and continue to trade without unaffordable debt.

If all or part of your business can be saved we will work with you to achieve it.

We have the right solution for your business

The first thing we do is listen. We understand our clients’ challenges and take into account what they want to achieve when forming a solution, actively including the client in every stage of the process.

Once we understand the goals of the business the route through the challenges will become clear and the right options can be put in place.

Our advisers are experts not sales people. Together we have rescued thousands of businesses over 40 years in the industry.

Call our experienced team today 01455 555444. Alternatively…….

Formal and informal options

There are a wide variety of tools we could use depending on your particular circumstances.

Informal negotiation is the first stage – with HMRC, creditors. customers, financiers and employees. Initially to establish contact and create breathing space to allow a structured plan to be put together for either a short or longer term solution.

When required a more robust negotiated plan can be introduced through a Company Voluntary Arrangement. This will offer creditors the opportunity to benefit from the future trading of the business, though in many cases not receiving full repayment of their debt.

Where significant change is required then company administration should be considered whether through continued trading through administration or a pre-packaged sale of parts of the business.

Company administration will allow the rescue of the viable parts and for unaffordable debt to be left behind.

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