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Can your business survive?

Closing your company does not have to mean the end of your business. The key parts of your business could move to a different company and continue to trade without unaffordable debt.

If all or part of your business can be saved we will work with you to achieve it.

Does your company have funds but is no longer needed?

You may need our assistance to close a company for a variety of reasons. You may be moving from contracting to full time employment, your company may have been for a project or you may be splitting a business in to parts.

Whatever the reason for needing our assistance, we’re ready to move quickly with a Members’ Voluntary Liquidation.

Book a free consultation alternatively, call our experienced team today 01455 555444

If your company cannot pay what it owes

If your business cannot survive then a fast and straight-forward resolution may be the answer. We are licensed to assist with formal company closures such as Administration and Liquidation. We can also help you with company strike off where appropriate.

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