Practical guidance for business restructuring

If your company is facing financial challenges, you’re likely to be tackling many competing problems at the same time. 

We’re here to give you an independent and experienced view of the situation. By guiding you through business restructuring we give you the time and space you need to work with us towards a positive solution.

It’s much easier for us to be objective about your business. After all, we’re not burdened by its history or internal politics. We’ll give you a different view on what’s possible for the business and expertly guide you through the steps of business restructuring.

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Practical guidance for restructuring your business

How we can help with business restructuring

business restructuring

The first thing we do is to re-energise your directors and give them the confidence to believe in the future of the business. Lifting the worry that rests on the shoulders of a director facing financial challenges brings clarity and more mental space to form a practical plan. 

In many cases, your business restructuring plan will involve a formal process like a Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation. This is used to close your company, extract the parts of your business that are working and put them into a new company. This new company, owned by your current directors, can carry on to a profitable future, without the burden of debt.

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