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Solutions for your personal financial problems – are you a sole trader or a partnership?

Personal financial difficulties are never easy to deal with and can put you and your family under immense stress. We want to listen, fully understand your situation and then offer you a choice of solutions to get your life back to normal as soon as we possibly can. Please contact us as soon as you realise you have personal financial problems, if you possibly can, so we can start helping you plan the most constructive way forward. We are here to support you cost effectively as we have been for 1,000’s of others facing your challenges. 

Routes out of personal financial problems

Depending on your personal situation i.e. if you have a family, if you are a home owner etc. will have an impact on which of the following processes would best suit your needs:

Individual Voluntary ArrangementA contractual agreement based on the individual’s ability to afford repayments.
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BankruptcyInitiated by the debtor or creditors by presenting a petition for bankruptcy to the court.
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These are the 2 formal insolvency processes used by individuals, sole traders & partnerships who are struggling with personal insolvency.

More Helpful Information

There are many reasons as to why an individual, sole trader or partnership would become insolvent. Our helpful information pages provide advice on how to deal with the symptoms of insolvency as well as offering solutions to their insolvency situation.

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