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Services for Companies & LLP’s

Companies and limited liability partnerships facing insolvency struggles need to address their issues as soon as they arise. By putting them to one side, it only masks the problem, it does not solve it.

Click through to our pages below for a range of information and advice on a number of areas businesses seem to struggle with which can often lead to insolvency problems. We also provide many business rescue services that offer insolvent companies and limited liability partnerships restructuring and turnaround options.

Company Administration

This business turnaround process will allow the company in question to receive legal protection while a restructuring plan is implemented.
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Company Liquidation

There are 3 typical company liquidation options available for a company or a limited liability partnership. Here at FA Simms & Partners we can perform each of these services and have been doing so for over 40 years.
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Small Business Insolvency

With our expert help and advice we can help SMEs and micro businesses with all their insolvency worries.more information >>

Company Voluntary Arrangement

This is an effective business rescue tool that can help re-organise debt repayments in order to relieve their burden from a prospective successful business.
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Cash Flow Problems

If you have been experiencing a tightening on your company’s cash flow, then you need to try and discover the underlying problem that has caused this. We can help do a review of your company to try and find and eliminate this problem.
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Business Debt Solutions

Seeking help when you know your company is in debt is a hard step to take, but by ignoring the problems they will deteriorate. Our business debt solutions can help you re-organise payments to try and combat your business debt and revive your business.
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Help for Company Directors

As a company director it is your job to trade a solvent and profitable company. If you are struggling with this role and are un-sure what to do next, we can help.
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Tax Debt Problems

Receiving pressure from HMRC is not where you want your company to be positioned. You need to take action and try to negotiate payment terms with them in order to relieve the burden and allow you to continue trading.
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