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Business and Company Turnaround

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Business and Company Turnaround Incorporating Business Restructuring

Depending on the size and scale of your business the availability of in-house business planning will vary.  Even the biggest of businesses will need to go through substantial change on a periodic basis.

There is, therefore, times when the introduction of external resources will prove to be effective.
Too often there is a drive to cut costs without focusing on the cause of changes to a business’ profitability.  Sell more is undoubtedly the most effective route to business turnaround.

Here’s some general examples of situations that we seen recently where we have been able to help to find a resolution.

Routes to Market

Progressive changes in market place, evolutionary rather that revolutionary.  This is fairly regularly seen through a change in the way customers buy products within the specified market place.  Changing buying habits may see a company’s products, albeit still good products, overlooked by customers in favour of competitors’ products marketed through other routes.


There is little doubt that marketing is the key to any business success.  Even a brief lack of focus on marketing to existing and potential new customers can be very costly.

Inflexible Finance

It’s easy to overlook the living and breathing nature of a business.  Any finance partner must understand the business and be able to provide facilities that flex with the business whether they are seasonal changes or requirements for business development.

Bad Debt

Nothing can be more infuriating that having incurred the cost of looking after a client only not to get paid.  The relative level of the debt unpaid with be crucial but a firm review of credit control procedures from and an experienced team can be helpful.

This is not an exhaustive list but simply some common examples.

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