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How social media can benefit a micro or small business

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Billions of consumers use social media every day and is a great alternative to traditional marketing methods. It enables a business to reach a wider audience that may have been missed if networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. are not used.


Below are 5 benefits to using social media in your marketing strategy if you are a micro or small business.


  • Learn about your target market

Long-standing companies have such a strong following of consumers as they understand their target market and they cater to their needs. Social media is a good way to gain information with regards to your target market so you can aim marketing strategies around their likes and interests.


  • Receive instant feedback from your customers

Social media gives a business access to view instant feedback from their customers, whether it is positive or negative. This feedback provides useful information on how to tailor services and products that will be more suitable for your target audience.


  • Create a relationship with your customer

By having the tools to create a conversation with your customers this starts to create a relationship between yourselves. Social media allows this relationship to grow organically and at a pace that is agreed to by both parties. Whether instant responses are needed or if you want to join groups for longer discussion periods, these are all available across the different social media platforms.


  • Help to increase website traffic

Sharing links to your website across social media is an effective way to increase the traffic to your website. If you get your visitors/connections to repost your link then this again is expanding the audience who your website is being targeted at. It may also reach consumers that may not necessarily be your main target audience but may be receptive to what you are selling.


  • Increase your brand awareness

To increase brand awareness with traditional methods of marketing can start to become expensive. With social media it is effectively a cost-effective way of reaching your target market along with wider audience coverage that you may not have gotten with other methods. There can be some cost involved if for instance you want to start targeting certain categories of people with adverts; however this cost can be managed and controlled very easily in order for you not to go over budget.

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