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What does being a registered office for a client involve?

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The registered office is the official address for a limited company. It doesn’t have to be the business’s usual trading address but must be a physical location, not just a PO Box. It can therefore be the director’s home address, the company accountant’s office or any other address that suits.



What is crucial, however, is that the address used for the registered office is reliable in dealing with incoming post because this is where any legal documents and letters from Companies House will be served.

If you run a solicitor’s or accountancy practice that provides a registered office facility, it is important that you make the most of your position by pro-actively helping your clients, not ignoring any issues or problems that may arise.

Any documents received on behalf of clients should be processed and acted upon immediately; even one day’s delay could have a significant impact on the outcome.


Statutory demands and other court orders

If, in your capacity as registered office, you receive any sort of legal or official documents addressed to one of your clients, you should notify them immediately so that they can take the appropriate measures. Failure to do so – or any delay on your part – could lead to your client’s company being wound up by the court.

For example, if you are served a statutory demand or court judgment issued to your client, arrange a meeting as soon as possible to review the situation and discuss their options. This is a serious matter requiring attention and resolution, and they will need to seek advice from a Licensed Insolvency Practitioner as quickly as possible.

The situation is slightly different if the client has gone AWOL and the bailiffs keep turning up on your doorstep. All you can do is write to the relevant creditor explaining the situation and giving the client’s last known trading address. You will then need to formally withdraw your registered office services with Companies House.


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