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Commercial Asset Finance

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What is it?

The use of hire purchase or leasing to acquire the use or ownership of a capital asset or re-finance an existing asset.

Available to who?

New start businesses or existing businesses.

What type of assets can I finance in this way?

In short, any asset that you are considering purchasing. It is sometimes perceived that asset finance only applies to larger items of expenditure such as cars, commercial vehicles, engineering equipment and construction plant. However the reality is that most items of any capital expenditure requirement can be financed. As an example, some of the more unusual items F A Simms have been successful in obtaining finance for include:

  • Scaffolding poles
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Suspended Ceilings
  • Air Conditioning Equipment
  • Plasma TV Screens
  • Snooker Tables


More applicable to the traditional types of assets such as vehicles, plant and equipment and manufacturing machinery the refinancing of existing assets provides an opportunity for businesses to improve their cashflow, raise capital for an MBI/MBO or to improve working capital. Some typical scenarios in which F A Simms have been able to assist with the refinancing of assets include:

  • Refinancing a coach fleet to raise funds to pay the VAT
  • Re-financing a commercial vehicle fleet to finance the vehicle licences
  • Re-finance of recycling equipment to provide working capital post purchase of a business

As a young or established business if you have any queries in regard to asset finance then please contact us.

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