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Company Liquidation – Close Your Company

Company Liquidation is a broad topic area as it covers many services for both solvent and insolvent companies who require different information and advice for their needs.

Trying to find something specific can seem daunting as you are faced with many different routes which could be helpful to your company but you are unsure which route to go down.

We’d like to offer you a
 Free Options Review with one our in-house Insolvency Practitioners.  Martin, Carolynn and Richard are awaiting your contact.

The best first step to take is to answer three simple questions about your company and circumstance:

  1. Are you a director who wants to place their solvent/insolvent company into liquidation themselves?
  2. Do you want to drive the process yourself or wait for creditors to do so?
  3. Are you being threatened with legal action from your creditors?

Voluntary Liquidation

If you have decided that as a company director your business can no longer continue to trade due to it either no longer having a purpose (solvent company) or because it is suffering from insolvency issues (insolvent company) then one of the voluntary liquidation processes would be most appropriate for you to receive further information and advice on.

> more information: Voluntary Liquidation Services

Compulsory Liquidation

If you have decided that you cannot afford to voluntarily place your company into liquidation, or you have decided to allow your creditors to go ahead with their legal action by placing your company into liquidation then a Compulsory Liquidation process is the service you would want to receive further information and advice on.

> more information: Compulsory Liquidation

Winding-Up Petition

If you have received a Statutory Demand through the post which you have been unable to pay and now a winding-up petition has been issued then you will need to understand what your available next steps are. For further information and advice on this scenario please read our winding-up petition information page.

> more information: Winding-up petition

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