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FA Simms & Partners – Birmingham Insolvency Practitioners

Birmingham Insolvency Practitioners

In order to be able to find a trustworthy Birmingham Insolvency Practitioners, you must do your research. With heavy competition you want to approach a firm that you feel comfortable with and speak to someone you feel can help look after you and your company.

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What is Company liquidation?

If you are finding yourself struggling with cash flow worries, then your business maybe facing signs of insolvency. A typical way to solve these problems is by entering into company liquidation.

The two options available to companies for liquidation are:

Despite the term liquidation having “full-closure” connotations, it must be noted that the Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation can be used as a business rescue aid. It offers directors a chance to purchase the goodwill and assets of the business in order to set up a new company.

What is business rescue?

Business rescue is the fundamental job that Insolvency Practitioners do. To rescue a business and ensure it continues to trade is something company directors may not think possible if they are struggling with insolvency.

There are two main options for business rescue:

If you believe your underlying business could have a positive trading future, then a business rescue option is the route to seek further advice on.

Free Consultation at our Birmingham Office

FA Simms & Partners is an owner managed company and so understands how important a business is to the directors/shareholders. If you contact us today you will speak directly to a Licensed Insolvency Practitioner who will have over 10 years’ experience working in the insolvency industry.

All initial consultations are free, and we can easily arrange a meeting at our Birmingham office with as little as 2 days’ notice. This meeting will also incur no cost.

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