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Back to the office. What does it mean for your mental wellness?

With life seemingly returning to a version of ‘normal’, HR and mental health experts, along with bodies including ACAS and the TUC, agree that keeping employees ‘in the loop’ is key to a successful transition out of lockdown.

But how safe are the UK’s workplaces? It’s the question on the lips of many about to end a three-month spell of furlough (or working from home). So how can employers allay workers’ fears about going back to the office, shop, school or restaurant? And what role can employees themselves take?

We’ve published a three-part series on how businesses and individuals can positively manage the daunting task of making returning to work as safe and stress-free as possible.

Self-care can make returning to work easier.

The three ways employees can take control of their return and how to make the transition back to the workplace easier.

In our first of three articles tackling the question of mental wellness and going back into the workplace, we look at how nurturing your mental wellbeing can help you adjust.

Everyone has had a unique experience of the COVID-19 lockdown and will be coming out of it with different concerns and expectations. These tips are just as relevant to employers as employees, and steps you can start taking today to make your return more positive.

An employers guide: why communication should be your top priority.

You have a duty of care to your employees to make sure they are safe and protected. But how you tell them about your plans will be make or break. Make sure you get it right.

What are your rights as an employee?

Whichever industry you’re in, you have rights. This is how to make sure they’re respected – and what to do if they’re not.

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