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Business Rescue


  • Business rescue can take many forms; informal options require strong management accounting systems linked to tight cash flow control. Couple this with some fresh inertia in the business
  • There are 2 business formal rescue processes; Company Voluntary Arrangement & Administration
  • Only Licensed Insolvency Practitioners can be appointed on formal business rescue procedures and are best placed to advise on all rescue options


What to Look for in a Business Rescue Process

Richard Simms, licensed insolvency practitioner discusses business rescue options.

What is Business Rescue service

Business rescue services are options for companies who may be struggling with historic debts and are looking for a way to help restructure their payments in order for them to continue trading at the same time.

This debt restructuring is then matched with a turnaround plan to help the business move back to profitability in a sensible timeframe. The assessment as to whether or not a formal restructuring procedure will be required will be determined by the individual business circumstances.

There are typically 2 formal business rescue services:

What is a Company Voluntary Arrangement CVA?

A Company Voluntary Arrangement CVA consists of a legally binding agreement made between the company and its creditors. This agreement will include a new payment plan for the outstanding debts set out over a specific amount of time. If a company was to head into this process then they would be able to continue trading throughout the course of the CVA under the same directors.

What is an Administration?

Administration provides legal protection for a company against creditors threatening to take legal action against them for lack of payments. While protected it gives the appointed Administrator time to implement a restructuring program within the company to try and cut some of their outgoings in order to streamline the company. Entering Administration must be for one of the following objectives:

  • To rescue the company as a going concern
  • Achieve a better result for the company’s creditors
  • To realise property in order to make a distribution to secured or preferential creditors

How FA Simms & Partners deal with Business Rescue

Our approach to business rescue tries to develop relevant skills and knowledge to the management of the business to empower them to take the business forward in a positive way with support from ourselves.

We try to help by identifying the financial pressure points of the company, establish a realistic time-frame for action to be taken and focus on driving increased sales and revenue. To achieve this it may require a restructuring of resources available to a business to allow for potential growth.

We offer free no obligation consultations with one of our qualified practitioners. Call or fill in the enquiry form to find out how to rescue your business.

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